UI/UX, branding, and
design direction for helloGOV 

helloGOV is a platform that enables social media influencers to create call-to-congress campaigns, easily share these campaigns across social channels, and track the results. Followers who click on a campaign can enter their postal address to quickly find the correct representative to call. helloGOV provides call scripts and step-by-step instructions to help make calls easy and effective. 


Influencer userflow
and prototype

Contributors: Bill Kee (Product Manager), Stefan Schnabel (Product Manager), Andrea Ximena (Project Manager), Kate Bertash (Operations and Policy Expert), Christoph Friess (UX Lead), Vincent Lai (Illustration), Courtney Ryan (Copywriter), Julia Reiger (Marketing/SEO), Tim Worms (Photography),  Karen E. Robinson (Product Manager), Wilson Restrepo (Lead Developer), Rachel Colby (Developer), Shug Ghosh (Developer), and Tim Gupta (Developer).